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Hi, I am Gerald Cameron with Diamond Realty.  I have lived in Anchorage for over forty years and have twenty years of experience in the Anchorage Real Estate Market.  I would like to help you purchase a new home today.
Whether you are self-employed, have good or bad credit or a short job history, we here at Diamond Realty can help you get into a New Anchorage home today.

The Anchorage AK Market is hot for buying good deal homes, so send us an e-mail as we have Agents standing by to help you.

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I have lived in Anchorage for over the last 10 years renting a three bedroom apt. (paying someone else's mortgage)

From year to year I looked for a home so that I may better the life for my family, but my credit was so bad that every time I got started looking to buy a house, I would get turned down financially. 

That all changed once I teamed up with Diamond Reality. I never thought I could own my own home! Gerald (broker) has lived in Alaska for over 40 years and had connections to make the deal happen for me and my family. They were honest and helpful though every step of the way.

Thanks again Diamond Reality,


 Mike C.


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......find out how easy it can be by simply dropping us an e-mail......


We here at Diamond Reality specialize in getting people that live in Anchorage, Alaska homes that fit their needs.

Why spend precious money on rent when we here at Diamond Reality can help you purchase your own home.

If you have been turned down in the past or are new to buying a home, give us a call here at Diamond Reality 907-346-4693



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Anchorage Real Estate
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IF you want to buy a house, duplex, triplex or even a four-plex, the financing is there for good credit, bad credit or even no credit.

Just lets us point you in the right direction and all those turn downs in the past will become approved.




You might be thinking you want a home so you don't have to flush money away by paying rent with out any benefits of owning your own home.

Well, getting qualified for financing should be your first step. This way you can look for home to buy and know your price range before stepping into any paperwork.

There are so many ways to get qualified for purchasing a home.

Click link below to fill out these preliminary documents so we can begin to find you a home!

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Hi there this is Gerald Cameron and this message is to all that have seen my web site and are maybe looking at buying some Anchorage Real Estate in the future.

I'm here to help you and not give you negative feed back on pass credit history but instead show you and explain all of the
many ways you can get qualified for an Anchorage home or piece of Anchorage Real Estate.

By sending us an e-mail you will be taking the first step to owning your own home and for most people you will
STOP paying rent and start creating equity.  ("$$$")
Diamond Realty and Anchorage AK Real Estate

If you’re interested in buying or selling Anchorage AK real estate or real estate anywhere in South-central Alaska, you’ve come to the right page.

Anchorage Real Estate and Gerald C.
Gerald is very familiar with the concerns of families looking for real estate and enjoys sharing his knowledge with clients. Moving to Alaska over forty years ago, Gerald was in the Air Force. He was licensed in Alaska 15 years ago and started Diamond Reality 12 years ago. Gerald has an extensive background in business and brings his experience as both buyer and seller to clients in Anchorage real estate. With his desire for real estate excellence, intimate knowledge of Anchorage and winning attitude, he is a strong asset to potential anchorage real estate buyers.

Gerald Cameron gives a quick over view of what he has done in the Anchorage real estate market: I came to Anchorage in 1966. I started building in the Anchorage real estate market in 1970 and started buying multifamily units in 1975. The Anchorage real estate market had a downturn in the late 70's and then took off again in the early 80's to new heights. The Anchorage real estate market took a hard crash in the mid 80's but by the early 90's the Anchorage real estate market started a good recovery which has been a steady growth until today.

We here at Diamond Realty have good experience in the Anchorage real estate market and can tell you what the Anchorage real estate market is doing, meaning if it is steady up or going down or staying consistent. 

We have the experience and want to help you in this Anchorage real estate market. 

Diamond Realty and experience in the Anchorage Real Estate market
Owning, maintaining, buying and selling many of apartments, condos and other real estate in the Anchorage Real Estate market has given Diamond Reality over twelve years of experience and a true understanding of buying and selling real estate in Anchorage, Alaska. We at Diamond Reality wish to use that experience in Anchorage real estate to help you find a home. 

The Value of an Anchorage Real Estate Agent
Having the assistance of an Anchorage AK real estate agent can be very important when purchasing a home.  Real estate agents in Anchorage have access to resources for assisting you in your home search not available to the general public. A real estate agent will not only provide you objective information about each property, but will also give you advice based on years of experience. A real estate agent will help you negotiate and make sure everything goes smoothly during the closing process.

The Value of Anchorage Real Estate
The value of Anchorage real estate has appreciated considerably over the past twenty years. The uniqueness of this last frontier culture makes it a desirable place to live. In order to keep our valued clients abreast of new potential buying and selling opportunities, we continually monitor Anchorage's real estate market.

Anchorage Real Estate and People you can Trust
Whether you are buying or selling your first Anchorage property, our Anchorage real estate team is here to meet and exceed your expectations. Diamond Reality provides the personalized service of a small firm with the resources of a much larger corporation. Whether you require assistance renting, buying, or selling an apartment, condo or townhouse in Anchorage, rest assured that the Diamond Reality agents are committed and qualified to help you achieve your specific needs. Please give us the chance to be your full-service partner in your real estate search.

Give us a call to set up a free initial consultation if you think that we can help you.  We will listen very closely to what you want.  We will give you honest advice and no pressure with your search for real estate in Anchorage.  We look forward to working with you.

Your resource for buying and selling Anchorage real estate is Diamond Reality
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